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Air Quality

Preventative Maintenance’s to Include Annual Coil Cleaning

Important announcement for 2018 Beginning in 2018, as a part of our ongoing effort to promote energy-efficient HVAC-system operations; Gohman Mechanical’s Preventative Maintenance Agreement will include annual coil cleanings at no extra cost. Coil Cleaning will allow the equipment to maintain peak performance levels with fewer breakdowns throughout the year. Foreign materials on the coils…

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PHI-Cell Technology

When It Comes To Keeping The Air Clean, Free Of Airborne Allergens And Micro-Organisms PHI-Cell Technology Should Be A Top Priority For many, the prospect of bacteria, microbial growth, allergies and unwanted odors should be enough to prompt them to consider installing PHI-Cell technology. This technology is designed to reduce odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical…

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