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Preventative Maintenance’s to Include Annual Coil Cleaning

Important announcement for 2018

Beginning in 2018, as a part of our ongoing effort to promote energy-efficient HVAC-system operations; Gohman Mechanical’s Preventative Maintenance Agreement will include annual coil cleanings at no extra cost. Coil Cleaning will allow the equipment to maintain peak performance levels with fewer breakdowns throughout the year.

Clean Coil
Dirty Coil

Foreign materials on the coils act as unintended insulators and inhibit the free flow of air through the coils. This decreases the rate of heat transfer between the coil and air that is the basis of most HVAC systems. Dirty coils can lead to misdiagnosing issues and unnecessary repairs. Typically, this results in overcharging of systems as well as premature failure. It is not just old systems that need cleaning. In fact, the newer and more efficient your HVAC system is, the more likely it is to benefit from regular coil cleaning. These newer systems operate at greatly increased pressures and are less tolerant of increases in static pressure. While clean coils have always been important, today’s higher-efficiency units require more efficient heat transfer across larger coils to function at their highest capacity.

The easiest and most cost-effective thing you can do for your building’s energy efficiency is to have your HVAC system’s condenser and evaporator coils cleaned annually. Dirty coils can cause the compressor to run longer, work harder and draw more energy while decreasing component life and occupant comfort. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and major utilities, “a dirty condenser coil can increase compressor energy consumption by 30 percent”. Dirty evaporator coils are also problematic as they can decrease airflow, resulting in a marked reduction in heat transfer in cooling mode and can also lead to the unit overheating while in heat mode due to restricted airflow. Both issues can cause the air quality to decline, often times resulting in systems failures as well as occupant comfort complaints.

If you are interested in saving energy, adding to occupant comfort and increasing the life expectancy of your HVAC equipment, call Gohman Mechanical today and set your appointment to have one of our professionals provide you with a free equipment survey.